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I have been taking ballroom dance classes with M. Gallego for about seven years. She is a great dancer and a wonderful teacher - very knowledgeable, professional, and kind. She is expert in all of the ballroom dances; smooth and rhythm, American and Standard. I was quite anxious about competing, so M. did not force me into it, as some other instructors may have; she let me advance at my own speed, acted as a psychotherapist to help me deal with my fears. She is an excellent choreographer as well, and created routines that were challenging for me, but not beyond my abilities. We just completed our sixth competition in September, and with each one, my skills and confidence have improved, and ballroom dancing has become one of the great joys of my life, all thanks to M.

Dr. Tom Vander Laan, Los Angeles, CA

Sukaina Juma
London, UK

I have worked with M for a year, learning from her how to express my various states ane emotions through my bodily movements. I have been recovering from a severe mental health issue and although it took a while for me to feel comfortable, I now truly value what M and dance movement therapy have done to help me heal.

I have found M very capable of providing a safe space for her clients, both one to one and in a group, to work through very difficult situations and emotions through the body.

She has a comforting and optimistic energy, and really cares about the well being of the individual in front of her.

I have found that I am much more aware of my body and music, and know more about how to self soothe and work through difficult emotions through various movements, all with Ms guidance and knowledge from her excellent training.

I would highly recommend M as a dance movement therapist to anyone looking to release trauma and also discover more about themselves through dance movement therapy.

She's truly empathetic, resourceful and has a sense of humour, as well as an ability to gauge how to lead the session for the client based on what is going on for them at the time.

London, UK

M's unique therapeutic classes help me loosen up  feelings of stuckness, allowing my movement to find its' own natural rhythms and solutions.


Every class is different and every class brings the gift of healing. It gets me back into my body and lets my body do the talking, to find a voice that is beyond words through movement.

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