Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Ballroom & Latin Dance

With experience from Los Angeles to London, M has trained with various ballroom and latin champions and uses here experience in both therapeutic dance, competitive dance and social dancing!


Private Lessons

- These lessons include 1-1 attention for technique, steps and overall performance. - - They are available for beginners, intermediate, advanced and competitive. 

- Lesson space can be provided at a location near you or at your own space

Wedding Dances

- Available for private and group dance 

- Available choreograph wedding dance with entrance and exit

- Ability to edit music and create picture moments through out the dance

Social Dancing

- These dances include Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, Argentine Tango, East Coast and West Coast Swing, Hustle, Country Two Step and Nightclub Two Step

-These dances are available in Private, Group, Wedding, and Event hire

Group Classes

- These lessons support socialization and experience in dancing with other dancers with instruction. 

- Group classes can be a great networking and bonding experience for a company, family event, or birthday!

Event Hire

- Available for event hire to teach group classes such as Salsa/Bachata, Tango, Swing/Jive, and other styles

- Benefits include: Bonding and connecting through physical contact, Understanding ones own body through movement, build confidence in social setting, exercise, and builds confidence in performance

Therapeutic Ballroom Dance

- Masters Degree Dissertation: The Mutual Influence between Ballroom Dance and DMP

- Ballroom Dance can be therapeutic in itself by engaging the cognitive, emotional and social aspects of our daily lives through touch, connection, cultural embodiments, and movement

Ballroom Dancing Lessons