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"Through active embodied awareness and expressive movement, dance can be used as a tool to process, heal, connect, and evolve through our everyday experiences and traumas."

M Gallego

Registered Dance and Movement Psychotherapist


My journey to working with the body began at a very young age. Growing up I was involved in Street Hockey, Competitive Gymnastics for 7 years, Competitive Dance teams, Drumming, and anything that used my body to express itself. With this background, I quickly discovered that creative and expressive arts were so important for healing, transforming and understanding myself better.


This inspired me to use dance to connect to others, share each others stories, and build relationships throughout the world. I am now based in London, growing my business and future of using all styles of dance to nonverbally communicate with those around me. I recently completed a Masters degree in Dance and Movement Psychotherapy with honors from the University of Roehampton and am continuing this work through special needs schools and adult recovery centers around the greater London area.


I believe understanding the bodies reactive and responsive states aligns the body and mind to become more able to connect with the self and others around us. 

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What I Specialize In

Dance and Movement Psychotherapy

Autism Movement Therapy

Ballroom & Latin Dance Instruction

Children & Adolescents 

Personalised Dance Programs


Available for Online sessions

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